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How to get a good domain name

The domain name represents your personal business or brand on the web, Which means that choosing the right name is important. So hold your pen and jot down some words related to your idea.


Remember to create words that are easy to spell and reflect the purpose of your website. Ask friends and family for their opinions – the more searching, the perfect result.


Once you get to an exciting idea, It is time to know whether or not this range is available.

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TLD Years Register Transfer Renew
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.com year $8.88 $8.52 $9.88
.net year $10.88 $10.88 $10.88
.org year $10.88 $14.99 $14.99
.us year $13.78 $13.78 $13.78
.biz year $17.24 $17.24 $17.24
.info year $4.95 $16.95 $16.95
.xyz year $0.99 $15.18 $15.18
.best year $5.99 $24.99 $24.99
.mobi year $6.71 $20.60 $20.60
.me year $3.80 $21.44 $21.44
.co year $10.40 $30.99 $30.99

Question and Answer ?

Think of your own domain name as a street address. If people search for your domain, They will be able to find your website.
Every website on the Internet has a unique IP address assigned to it, It consists of a series of numbers. These numbers tell the Domain Name System (DNS) to determine the corresponding website. Since we are human and not computers, IP addresses are hard to remember, Thus words are used instead. These words are known as a domain or website link. DNS looks at the domain name and translates it into an IP address.
Top level domains have been introduced to help organize sites in the domain name system. Includes all Top Level Domains (TLDs) and Second Level Domains (SLDs). Imagine that you own a business in Egypt. And your website address is, netaqhost is the domain name and .com is the extension.

When it comes to choosing a domain for your website, there are so many options. Yes, .com domain extensions are popular, but given their popularity, you may find that your dream domain has already been registered.
Why not consider choosing a generic type (gTLD) like your .club for your tennis club, or country code (ccTLDs) like .eg for your office in the Arab Republic of Egypt?
If you are a new business, it may be important to choose a familiar domain extension such as .com, localized domain, or known gTLD. Since they are popular, they are seen as more trustworthy. Don't panic if you can't get one. The web is changing all the time, and as the web grows, the knowledge of new TLDs will change.

To check domain availability, Use the search bar at the top of the page. Your website name will be available or taken. If your domain is taken, This means that it is either booked by the registry or registered by another person.
Looking for a fast and secure domain name checker? Use the NetaqHost . We have never and never will sell any information about our customers.

No. All domain extensions are considered equal by Google and there is no automatic preference given to the .com domain.
When checking to see if a domain exists, it is important to note whether a large and recognized company owns .com - if it exists, it could harm search results. It can also open up to you a potential business battle.

Premium Domains are short ranges, often consisting of one word or 3-5 letters. Also known as " pre-sale '' or " pre-registered '' domains. Most premium domains have a .com extension, but many end with .org, .net, and .biz.
Since premium domains include common words, It is often the most remembered. in addition to , Companies value short domains that match the company name or products, This means that these domains are the most requested.
Occasionally , Some domains sold through different registries are considered a premium and can have a higher price. With premium registration domains, Registration and renewal rates are set by the registrar and are usually high.

Yes. When registering a domain extension, No one else can use it. So, If you already got, It's a good idea to register and and redirect them back to your original site. This helps avoid confusion and makes capturing visitors easier.

The maximum length of the domain can be 63 characters and the minimum is one character. The shorter your domain, It was easier to write and remember.
When choosing a domain name, Keep it simple - a difficult word to spell will be a problem for your visitors. Choose a name that reflects your brand, industry, or name if it is a personal project. Once you get a list of words, Ask your friends and family to comment. Enjoy the selection!

Yes, You can keep your registration information private with us. When registering a domain, Some personal information is taken from you that you may not want to display publicly.
Domain privacy helps reduce spam and protects against domain penetration. Domain privacy protection acts as a " shield '' of searchable information and places the host domain as a point of contact, It displays our information instead of yours.
Your domain privacy protection is completely free for all eligible TLDs and includes personal details and spam protection. You can also benefit from email forwarding, concurrent expiration and domain transfers.
There is no need to do anything to activate privacy protection as long as your domain is eligible. It will be added to the cart automatically and is enabled by default.

Once you register your domain name, It is time to use it. You may want to direct your visitors to a landing page specifically designed for sales, Or redirect them to a personal Twitter page - it's entirely up to you how to use them. You can also create custom email addresses based on your domain name. This helps build confidence in your brand and promote your company.